50th birthday of Kubrick's masterpiece

1968 | 2018

A dialogue between scientists and the public

Artificial Intelligence // Big Data // Digital Societies // Human Enhancement // Transhumanism // Posthumanism // The End of the Species // Emerging Technologies  // NBIC // Climate Changes // Existential Risks // The Meaning of the Monolith


From a space odyssey to a species odyssey
To celebrate the 50th birthday of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, the 502001.CH group is collaborating with different public and private institutions with the aim of organising a series of citizen science and science communication events in 2018. 

The goal is to reflect and think together on the future of our species, with 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY as a starting point for our national conversation.

Workshops, Scientific speed-dating, Scientific Cafés, TEDx, Symposium, Conferences, Round Tables, Film Screening, Café Cinés, etc... 2018 is gonna be an intense year! 

Then, mid-2018, we will launch an online forum on our website 502001.CH. This platform will enable participants to continue the discussion on the topic and to evolve in different directions.

If you too are interested in organising an event around this theme, don't hesitate to contact us.

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